Just read

this article in the excellent Brunswickan (the student newspaper on the Fredericton UNB campus) and was struck by the following quote from Peter McDougall, VP of Human Resources and Organizational Development:

“If a strike happens, it’s important to understand that it’s only the full-time members of AUNBT who are actually on strike,” McDougall said. “The university will continue to be open and the administrative units will continue to function. Other facilities on campus will remain open.”

Perhaps he was misquoted.

Are you reading

the thoughtful, funny, angry comments we are getting over at the AUNBT website in response to an email Peter McDougall is surely regretting agreeing to send out late this afternoon? On the eve of our strike vote?

What started as a disagreeable incident has turned into something wonderful. I am bolstered by our colleagues and proud of our students. This is a good place, not because we work for one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers but because of our community.

Oh, and the river of course.