State of the Union

  • Why are many academics on short-term contracts for years? More than a third of academics are on temporary contracts as universities casualise their workforces.” Anna Fazackerley. The Guardian (14/2/13):  “If a student asked me whether they should do a PhD, sadly, I’d say take a very careful look at the other options. When you’re young you think ‘the job insecurity won’t happen to me’ – but it will.”
  • Internationalisation has corrupted higher education.” Roger Y. Chao Jr. University World News (26/1/13):256: “Corruption in higher education should not only be seen in terms of misuse of research funds, presentation and construction of fraudulent data or inequitable admissions practices. It should also include micro-level university-related practices in learning, assessment and certification of students and graduates respectively.”
  • Education’s investment metaphor misses the point.” Grace Karram. University World News (26/1/13):256: “It seems that as money becomes scarce, post-secondary education advice is infused with investment metaphors: Should institutions invest in high-performing students, permanent instructors or high-enrolment programmes? This is problematic, as it presents a false sense that education funding is a zero-sum game in which administrators must finance the most lucrative venture.”