Inaugural post

This blog is a bit of a departure. For some years I kept a personal/literary blog called scribblingwoman,* then in 2007 I began a blog called Living in interesting times to focus on a specific crisis in higher education here in New Brunswick. (Short story: the then-Liberal government proposed to close three university campuses and turn them into just-in-time job training for the anticipated “energy hub.” The “hub” never materialized, so it was darn lucky we beat them back. For further details, read the blog.) And for a briefer time I had a third blog, called la maison, which addressed another bone-headed proposal from the same¬†government, to scrap early French immersion in N.B. public schools. All these blogs had one thing in common: I wrote them as a private individual.

This blog is different. It will be attached to the web site of the Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers (AUNBT), of which I am currently president. So while I can protest that I am still a private individual whose opinions are her own, this blog is offered in a more public capacity. Which is not to say that all (or any) material posted here has gone past the executive. But it is to say that I will try to stay on topic, and tone down the salty language.

* scribblingwoman, hosted on my university server, one day disappeared without warning during a website upheaval. Were it not for the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, I might have climbed a clock tower. Subsequent blogs, needless to say, are hosted elsewhere.