And the photo of the day award

goes to the group of graduate students who threatened Eddy Campbell with a Kraken:

Then, they or one of their sympathizers left the following message in the comments section:

Deep beneath the foaming billows,
Something suddenly amiss,
As a creature wakes from slumber
In the bottomless abyss.
And a panic fills the ocean,
Every fish and frenzied flea,
For the Kraken has awakened at the bottom of the sea…

Best. Metaphor. Ever.


5 thoughts on “And the photo of the day award

  1. Supporter, actually.
    I used to read/listen to Jack Prelutsky’s books and books-on-tape as a child (really cemented my love of literature). Whenever I hear mention of ‘the Kraken’ I think of this poem and its pleasant beat. I’ll have to listen to it again in support of AUNBT, it’s worth plunging into the ‘bottomless abyss’ of my junk drawer to find my old walkman!

  2. Nice Porch? Wow.

    “Heritage properties need to be maintained. Julia MacLauchlan and Warren McKenzie didn’t spend millions purchasing and renovating the place before donating it to UNB only for it to be not maintained properly. Not to mention the funds were taken from a capital renewal fund established by MacLauchlan and McKenzie for the very purpose of maintenance – it is not coming from student’s pockets.

    The house is used to hold key functions and entertain key guests and alumni who contribute far more than this to scholarships and bursaries.”

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