Desultorily looking

for pithy quotations about the purpose of universities that do not include the word “engine” and stumbled across a few nuggets to consider:

  • The first universities did not have purpose-built buildings or campuses. Rather, the word referred to the community of scholars itself. Ironic to consider, today, isn’t it?
  • According to no less an authority than the Encyclopedia Britannica, a university is “a self-regulating community of teachers and scholars whose corporate existence had been recognized and sanctioned by civil or ecclesiastical authority.” One hears that Oxford is still run that way. Though in case we become overwhelmed with Sehnsucht, this brief paper (with graphs!) indicates that market forces were operating back then too.
  • The University of Toronto has such a good statement of purpose that it almost puts me in charity with mission statements.
  • Here is some effective rhetoric on the value of education by a woman named Faust.
  • UK government-appointed “user consultation group” on higher education had people from industry, but no academics as that would have been a conflict of interest.

But no pithy quotes.

Puppies in the stacks!

Puppies in the stacks!

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