I just read the message about budget cuts sent out by Heather Munroe-Blum, Principal of McGill, to McGill staff and students. Four things struck me: the list of cost-cutting measures begins with significant concessions on the part of senior administration (salary cut, administrative hiring freeze, cuts to portfolio budgets). Second, the message refers to what sounds like an extensive, and genuine, consultative process. Third: the entire message foregrounds the centrality of the professoriate and the academic mission of McGill, with no mention of “partners,” “stakeholders,” or “economic engines.” Finally: the message has a respectful, collegial, and strange to say in an institution of that size, personal tone. Now I know nothing of the situation at McGill nor of Principal Munroe-Blum. But if her message is an accurate reflection of what is going on there, it could serve as a model in more than one respect.

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