the government’s explanation of their new budget. While I cannot argue with some of their “select number of new investments,” two of them — the first two — sound like boondoggles: “$16 million in 2013-14 as part of a five-year, $80-million investment in innovation in order to jump start the economy”and “the establishment of the new Energy Institute.” And I would love to know how much of the funding for these “new investments” will go toward nursing homes, health initiatives and early-child education, and how much to the Energy Hub Institute. How about investment in our innovative youth and support for the excellent research in our universities? But no:

No increase in funding to public universities, the New Brunswick Community College and the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick with the expectation that they continue to seek operational efficiencies, and that any tuition increases will be capped at $150.

This was in the section entitled “Finding efficiencies through continuous improvement and performance excellence,” I assume un-ironically.

And why can’t we do it all? Because “New Brunswick will continue to have the lowest general corporate income tax rate in Atlantic Canada.” Ah well, I hear the government plane is up for sale. Maybe our students can pool together their oppressive student loans and fly out of here to somewhere with no extradition treaty.


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